Lorenzo Moschi
is a digital product designer,
art director and entrepreneur.

Currently Senior Designer at Sketchin, a strategic design firm with offices in Europe and US, and cofounder of few startups.

My focus is on designing digital products and services, that people use every day, with a clear and thoughtful design solution.

During my career I had the pleasure to work with major brands such as Vodafone, Unicredit, Ducati, Pirelli, Mediaset and Ikea to name a few.

In 2013 I helped a team of practioners and researchers in the field of Operations Research, to build a product that has been acquired in a few months.

I think that digital design is primarily a handcraft job. Creating and designing for me is more powerful than thinking about methodology. Sometimes I say "Stop design thinking and start designing".

I started my career in 2009 at the age of 21, now I'm 30, and I haven't lost the thrill to create and progress as a designer.

In my spare time and during my trips, I love taking pictures with my camera, here you can find shots.

I'm based in Rome, with one foot in Florence and the other one in Milan.

Ho. mobile 2018
Tready 2018
Mosaico 2018
Uniaffitti 2017
IPC Cleaning 2016
Mediaset 2016
Unicredit 2015
Viralize 2014
Listupp 2013
Routist 2013
Pirelli Pzero 2012